Thursday, January 10, 2013

Beauty Products

Hi Everyone,

In my last Blog I said that I was going to talk about eye products, but I have so many favorites, I’m still deciding which products to talk about, so I decided to write about products that I am totally loving at the moment.

Sit back relax and enjoy!

I am extremely obsessed with Bioderma Crealine H2O.  I bought this in June when I was in Paris and not only did I fall in love with Paris, I fell in love with this amazing beauty water.  After cleansing, I was convinced my face was clean until one day I grabbed a cotton round pad used this amazing water and makeup was on the pad. After that, I was hooked. If you can get your hands on this lovely H2O,  I highly recommend it.

I love, love, love, false Eyelashes.  Did I mention I love false Eyelashes? Okay maybe I’m a little compulsive or shall I say
obsessed. At the moment I’m using, Ardell, Mac, eylure, Girls with Attitude Eye impact, Foxy Locks Extensions Foxy Lashes. There are so many choices out there and I’m looking to get my hands on everything I can.  If any of you have recommendations, please send them my way.

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect polish, and when I say perfect, what I mean is one that will last more than a week.  People say I’m a compulsive hand washer, but I disagree.  I would say that I’m a person who prefers clean hands over dirty.  That being said, for someone like me who applies polish and after a day the chipping begins and so does the temptation to start peeling.  I know I can’t help it.  It’s like a scab, so the only polish working for me at the moment is Shellac. It really lasts, but you have to go to the Salon, and there are times when I get lazy and want to do my nails myself, so these are my go to colors.

I love anything that sparkles and my opinion, it seems that sparkle polishes last a little longer. My three go to sparkle polishes are Tiara by Orly, Blasted Gold by Opi. It’s a crackle polish, but it does last, and Bedazzled. I bought this in the mall at a store called Icing. 

As for my go to non-sparkles are Mermaid by Opi, What’s a Tire Jack? By Opi, and The Strand by nails Inc. London Magnetic Polish.  I bought all three at Sephora.  Out of the three, I would say  Mermaid lasted the longest. I liked the magnetic polish, but the weird thing was I could only get the magnet to work once.  The color was amazing, I just lost my touch the second time around.

Now I’m going to throw in my favorite candle. I am crazy about the fragrance, so without out further adieu it’s Cranberry Pear Bellini.  I bought this at Bath and Body works, and it smells amazing! It’s a bright blend of sparkling cranberry, sweet pear nectar, and luscious blackcurrant. I have allergies and what I love is that it didn't make me sneeze or give me a headache, because some smells will do that.  Also, for any of you that have animals, and I do, I have cats, and we know that the litter box from time to time tends to smell, especially after use. If you light this candle and your kitty uses the litter, you will be amazed, no odor.

Thank you for reading and please stay tuned for my next Blog. 

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